Thursday, April 16, 2015

Is This Really Misuse of Funds?

Is this really a case of misuse of funds? That’s the question that keep popping up in my head these few days whenever I read about the long-standing case the prosecution has against City Harvest Church.

As most of you know, 6 members of City Harvest including church founder Kong Hee, are facing various charges of misusing church funds and covering up the misuse. In the beginning, I thought the prosecution had a solid case but as more and more facts come out, I am beginning to wonder. The big problem I have in the case? No one seems to have taken any money from the church!

The prosecution’s case seem to be based on the questionable ways the church’s money was moved around and the Crossover Project of City Harvest. However I have to ask this question; is it really a case of misuse of funds when no one seems to have personally profited for all this? In fact, the defense of the 6 members said that ALL the money had been returned to the church’s account with interest! The prosecution do not deny this.

If that is the case, then what is this case all about? The more I read about the case, the more it sounds like an accounting case. Much like the case against Venerable Shi Ming Yi a few years ago, the prosecution’s case against City Harvest seems more like they had an accounting problem than one where the members charged actually took any money from the church.

I’m no lawyer so I’m not sure if accounting tricks counts as misuse of funds in a Singapore court, but if no one stole money and the money was actually returned with interest to boot. Then I have to ask; what’s the problem? 


bill jones said...

should have wrapped this case last year...why the long delays?

Ghost said...

Very good question. Makes me think the case was in trouble from the very beginning and the public is only knowing about it now.