Tuesday, April 7, 2015

King Kazu

I was never a fan of Kazuyoshi Miura. Yes, the Japanese striker had a glorious career in the 90s playing football everywhere from Japan to Brazil and Italy, but I never rated him as one of the world's best.  

However even a non-fan like myself has to give credit when it's due. The now 48-year-old Miura has now become the oldest goal-scorer in professional Japanese football. The 48-year-old out-jumped a defender to score with a looping header in the Japanese Second Division on Sunday.

In a sport where most players hang up their boots in their early 30s, this man is scoring goals at age 48? Yes, it's not the top division of the J-League but that's a goal is a goal and that's still something to be proud of. Well done King Kazu!

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