Monday, April 27, 2015

Comics this week

Convergence #3- I know Convergence is getting its ass kick on reviews but guess what; I don’t think it’s anywhere as bad as people says. I admit it’s not the greatest event DC has ever run, but it’s hardly the worst. #3 continues in this vine as Thomas Wayne sacrificed himself to give the rest of the Earth 2 heroes time to find a way to defeat Telos. It’s one of the advantages of using the Earth 2 heroes; you can kill them off without too much trouble. Yes, I do agree Convergence could be a lot better but it’s hardly the worst thing on the stand right now. After all, Marvel just made Iceman gay out of nowhere. It will take a lot to beat that.

Deadly Class #12- I must say this; artist Wes Craig has outdid himself once again. The aftermath of the hit on the rednecks is one hell of a ride as Marcus and Maria do everything they can to get away from Chico’s vengeful father. Writer Rick Remender even give us a quiet moment in the midst of all the chaos, showing us how and why Maria and not Saya might be the “right” girl for Marcus. Bring on the next issue!

Ninjak #2- After an excellent debut, this issue has me worried about this series. #2 shows how the hero earned a villain's trust by doing villainous things but without really doing anything villainous. Sorry but I thought this Ninjak was an anti-hero? Shouldn’t this Ninjak have no problem killing a human smuggler to finish the mission? I think writer Matt Kindt dropped the ball on this one, thank god for the artwork by Clay Mann. His work here is even better than his work in the debut. Ninjak still has potential, but this follow-up does not help. 

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