Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X-Men Jump The Shark

Anyone who collects comics knows that the X-Men has been spinning its wheels for years. So much so that Marvel had to use events like the death of Xavier (again), and a spilt in the ranks to boost sales. There’s also a gay wedding for Northstar.

Now Marvel decided to reveal that one of the founding members of the X-Men, Bobby “Iceman” Drake, is gay.

Come on Marvel! Are you guys truly that desperate? I have been collecting comics for years, the X-Men was one of the first comics I collected, and nowhere had there been any signs that Iceman was gay. I have no problem with you pushing politically correct propaganda but at least make sure it makes sense! Bobby Drake once slept with Mystique and a few others. Hell, he was almost married to Opal! There’s still something called canon in Marvel right?

You want some superheroes coming out as gay? Not a problem, but make sure it is believable, and if possible, necessary to a story. Don’t just pick a character and say, “Oh, he’s gay”. That just sucks. 

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