Friday, April 10, 2015

Comics this week

Astro City #22- After the last arc, you would think writer Kurt Busiek would have enough about writing stories on aging superheroes. Not a chance! After showing Crackerjack and Quarrel going into retirement, Busiek now show a superhero who has, for lack of a better term, made it. Starfighter has been fighting the good fight for decades and now has his rewards. He is the consort of an alien empress, has 2 children, and an impressive career as a novelist. However he could sense there are dark forces stirring in the cosmos and still believes he has what it takes to help out, but…well, he is old and even if he could, should be back in action? Shouldn't he gracefully exit the scene and let younger heroes step up? You know of any other comics out there that asked such loaded questions? Neither do I and that’s what make Astro City great.

Rai #8- As I said last issue, reluctant allies usually mean terrible allies and once again, Rai found that out the hard way. It started out well enough as Rai’s forces took the fight to Father. With a common enemy, the Positrons and the Raddites finally decided to work together. Spylocke returns from Earth with Rai VIII. Lula manages to get the Geomancer out of Father’s clutches and when the fight finally starts, the people of New Japan rallied with Rai against Father. All of which are undone when the slippery Dr. Silk changed sides yet again and informed Father of Rai’s plans. Writer Matt Kindt put together a good plan here but the star of the show is Clayton Crain. The artist’s work in this issue is nothing short of mind-blowing amazing and the climactic battle between Rai and his replacement was one for the ages. Good story, explosive action, and a surprising ending; this issue is great! 

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