Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Comics this week

Convergence #2- With #0 and #1 out of the way, the story by writer Jeff King has finally moved out of the setup phase of the story and this issue show how much promise the story of Convergence has. The focus on the surviving heroes of Earth 2 has worked very well for the story and the meeting between Thomas and Bruce Wayne was great. I loved the way King left what was said in the meeting to our imagination; the scene was so much more powerful due to that. The art by Carlo Pagulayan is good though I had noticed he is much better at close-ups than wide shots. Two issues in and Convergence seems to be hitting its gears.

Magneto #17- This has been one great series so far and writer Cullen Bunn may have delivered to us his best issue so far. The identity of the serial killer in Genosha was a surprise but at the same time did not totally come out of left field. Then writer Cullen Bunn gave us an excellent explanation of how the killer came to be. Then to top it all off, he left it hanging on whether Magneto really did kill Amy. Yes, call me an optimistic but Bunn did leave enough hints throughout his run that Magnus is trying something different this time round. Now I have not said much about the art of Gabriel Hernandez Walta thus far because I never thought of it as great. However the scene when Magneto realized that there’s a different way to defeat the killer was something else. Walta captured the expression on Magneto’s face perfectly. Did Magneto take the alternate way to defeat the killer? I don’t know and the question is what make this issue great!

Ms. Marvel #14- I have to say the betrayal by Kamran wasn’t all that surprising to me, I sort of saw it coming, but the way writer Willow Wilson did it was very good. It allow Wilson to dive more into the Inhuman story while at the same time allow her to merge her superhero and civilian life together. I like the fact Wilson does not neglect the social aspect of the Kamala’s live. The talk between Bruno and Aamir was the highlight of this issue and showcase the rich characters of Kamala’s supporting cast. 

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