Thursday, April 9, 2015

Honor His Wishes

I’ll be blunt; the online petition to rename Singapore's Changi Airport to "Lee Kuan Yew International Airport" is a stupid idea. More than 12,000 people has signed the petition and submitted it to the government, but I hope the Singapore government has more sense than to agree to it.

My reasoning is very simple. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew had specifically stated that he wanted no statues of himself; that’s why he did not make any statue of himself anywhere in Singapore. So if this man does not want statues of himself, just imagine what he thinks about changing the name of one of the world’s best airport to his name?

Yes, I understand there is a section of Singaporeans who want to honor the man but changing the name of Changi Airport is not the correct way to do it. It goes directly against the man’s wishes and ultimately, there’s no better way to honor him then to follow his wishes.

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