Friday, August 1, 2008

Comics this week

Trinity #9- Who the hell is the Swashbuckler? Kurt Busiek always has a love for strange villains but at least I have heard of Morgan Le Fey and Enigma. Swashbuckler? I’m afraid this is one of my problems with Trinity. When you have the team of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on one side, you must have a team of villains with at least the same power level or name recognition on the other side. Swashbuckler? Who the hell is the Swashbuckler?

Reign in Hell #1- Writer Keith Giffen has a reputation in the comics’ world as a guy with an eye for strange, compelling and out-of-this-world ideas. Reign in Hell is a prefect example why he has such a reputation. Lord Satanus and Lady Blaze, Lords of Purgatory, launched a coup against Neron under the propaganda of making Hell a more hopeful and less miserable place. As expected, the dammed masses lapped it up and Hell became a war zone. Neron response to the coup is simple. Call in all debts owned, and every hero or villain in the DCU find themselves drafted into the war. An interesting idea to say the least.
Not only that, this also allow DC to showcase the magical side of the DCU. The DCU’s magical world is much superior to what Marvel has; from Shazam to Swamp-thing to Tim Hunter there is also a magical powered hero in almost every team of note in the DCU. They even have a magical superhero team in the Shadowpact. The artwork was also spot on. Tom Derenick and Bill Sienkiewicz gave the book a dark look which fit the book perfectly. Count me in for issue 2.

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