Friday, August 29, 2008

Comics this week

Reign in Hell #2- You know how 2 weeks ago I was complaining about Secret Invasion #5 being a issue where everyone just stand around talking? Writer Keith Giffen show how to do it right! As word of Lord Satanus and Lady Blaze's coup against Neron spreads, heroes and villains in the magical world of the DCU wondered which side to take, or even if they should take sides in the conflict. Everyone who is anyone in the magical world has a decision to make, but what made this issue work was the reasons Keith Giffen gave. Everyone has a reason to pick the side they choose, and it made sense! I mean if you are Blue Devil, it make prefect sense to side with the Satanus and Blaze. Keith Giffen made an effort to show why they pick the sides they did, and this was what saved the issue. That plus Tom Derenick and Bill Sienkiewicz's artwork make me give the issue a thumbs-up.

Nova #15- Here was Nova coming out with one issue after another of great to good comics. What happened? The series got hijacked by Secret Invasion! Secret Invasion was an attack by Skrulls on Earth and Nova was nowhere near Earth! Why was he even involed? If the Skrulls hadn't attack him, he will still be ignorant of the Skrull's attack! Can't Marvel just let one series go without bringing it down with unnecessary crossovers?

Avengers: The Initiative #16- Skrull Kill Krew has to be the stupidest name of a supergroup I've ever heard of, but amazingly this issue isn't half-bad. As you can guess this is 'another' Secret Invasion tie-in, but since the Avengers were at the front lines I guess this tie-in worked better than Nova's (read above). I enjoyed Komodo's return and it's always interesting to see the other smaller Avengers team in action (the Desert Stars this time), but the main attraction to me was the appearance of Nick Fury and his Howlers. That's was how it should be done in the Secret Invasion series proper!

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