Monday, August 4, 2008

Foreign Talent at Work

The Singapore government has always said that Singapore requires foreign talent to keep up with other competing countries. Now it seems Singapore needs them as well to keep us alive.

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) records show that of the 39,490 babies that were born in Singapore last year, only 59 per cent of them have both a Singaporean mother and a Singaporean father. Singapore men fathered 75 per cent of all babies born here, while Singapore women account for just 65 per cent.

It seems that Singapore women just do not want to have babies. 6,071 babies were born to Singapore fathers whose wives are Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese nationals, or are from other countries. Singaporean women would much prefer to be in the rat race than to look after babies.

Since all the baby bonus; have 2 or more children etc, campaigns are not working, the only out of this is to limit education for women! Yes, limit their education so that Singaporean women have less career prospects, so they will be more willing to have babies. Since the chances of that happening are between zero to none; expect to see more foreigners in Singapore in the future.

So if you are a man looking for a lot of children; remember this: you need to look for foreign talent.


Anonymous said...

I dun think it's funny. Either the highly educated Singaporean women will remain unmarried or they too will become foreign talents i.e. marrying to other countries, more likely the western side.

Anonymous said...

S'porean men look for baby producing FTs n that is what our garhman aiming for. So S'pore will flooded with baby producing FTs soon.

Anonymous said...

Breeding more Aliens? hmm... another be shot here?

Ghost said...

Considering that all our Olympics hopes lie in FTs’ hands as well, what’s wrong with having baby producing FTs as well? Bring them on!

Ghost said...
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Anonymous said...

I will look toward foreign talents who have quit their country to make Singapore proud, look at all our foreign sports talent, we stop shortof buying the top football teams. Quitters.. oh sorry foreign talents, like these will always call Singapore their home even if one day they decide to pack up and leave...the will still have a memory of Singapore and how good it was to them.

Its a good thing we are having more babies, who hopefully stay here and work here so that they can contribute to this robust economy, with this battle proven formula people in all stages of of poverty can enjoy the swiss standard of living.

I say bring on the foreign mothers.

Indeed Singaporeans cant seem to help Singapore .....maybe a good idea is to outsource making babies to contribute to a double growth in our economy....

Bring in the hungry people oh i mean foreign talents, we need to keep Singaporeans on high alert.