Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Losing the Drugs

As if the Malaysian police do not have enough problems with its’ creditably, a new scandal has erupted across the Causeway.

Malaysian newspapers had reported that 5kg of amphetamines, which was stored at the police headquarters in Johor, has gone missing. The stash was believed to be worth 1 million ringgit and was from the year's biggest drug bust in March when the Johor police busted an international drug ring in Johor and arrested twelve people including four Singaporeans.

What’s worse is that the thieves were believed to be policemen! With the Anwar sodomy case hanging over them like a guillotine, one has to wonder what the hell has happened to the Malaysian police.

Losing drugs in the police headquarters! No wonder Malaysian has so little faith in their police force. I would too!


Anonymous said...

Corruption in the police force, supposedly upholding law and order for society, is a reflection of the real conditions at the ruling level.

Maybe that's the reason why many forces in Malaysia politics are doing what they could to stop the Reformasi movement Anwar started many years back when he was then deputy PM. If he were to succeed in becoming the next PM, one wonders what sort of skeletons in the closet (palimental cabinet) will he uncover...

Ghost said...

And they are charging Anwar today! If only the Malaysian police worry less about politics and more about policing, then maybe they won't lose drugs IN THEIR OWN HEADQUARTERS!

Anonymous said...

I believe the Malaysian police are acting under indirect orders from the people up there to bring Anwar into disrepute. It's a pity that the manpower meant for maintaining law and order is used by politicians for their own ends and agendas.