Friday, August 8, 2008

Comics this week

Final Crisis #3- Grant Morrison risk-taking nature is paying off big-time in Final Crisis. Reading this issue, I finally get why so many people dislike Final Crisis compare to Secret Invasion; the bad guys win here! Unlike Secret Invasion where everyone expects the Marvel heroes to eventually win, there’s no such certainty here. You go to the last page of this issue and you get this sense that ‘the heroes are toast’! There are a few bad spots that didn’t quite work (Mary Marvel’s new costume, Article X) but overall, this issue rocks! If Morrison can keep the quality of the series up, Final Crisis will be the best mini-series in years.

Trinity #10- One of my biggest problems with Countdown is that at times, the series just jumped! Flash was killed off Countdown but next thing we know, we are at the funeral of the Flash. Same thing happen here. When did Superman fought the antimatter Metal Men? I hope this is not the start of a trend. What I do like is the back-up story in this issue. A female gorilla called Primate who loves Nightwing’s butt? Great! I also like the way Kurt Busiek played up the Superman archetype here. Is that Stellarman? Apollo? Wait, Superman! Cute


Anonymous said...

"When did Superman fought the antimatter Metal Men?"

Trinity #8.

Ghost said...

You mean that 2 panels in #8 which show Superman throwing a piece of metal into space? 2 panels do not equal a fight, especially when they never even show the Metal Men at all