Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Keep Quiet About It

Personally, I thought the Olympic opening ceremony was a little too much. Too melodramatic for my taste, Li Ning running on top of the stadium was just unnecessary. However most people seems to like it, and that’s what important.

Which beg the question why did the show's musical director admit to the fact that the little girl showed singing at the Olympic opening ceremony was just miming. She was only put on stage because the real little girl wasn’t considered attractive enough.

To me, there’s not much wrong with that. I took part in 3 National Day Parades in Singapore and I will tell you this, not everything you see on TV happen at the parade. I especially the year when the there was a cannon that was suppose to fire…that never happened. It was nothing but good camera work that slices and dices the image together.

So there’s nothing out of the ordinary that happened at the Olympic opening ceremony, but for god sake keep quiet about it! You ever heard about the director of the National Day Parade admitting some images on TV are faked? Of course not!

The Chinese are in desperate need of some PR training

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