Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Desperately seeking Singaporean-ess

After 48 years, Singapore has finally clinched another Olympic medal. After scoring another silver medal in women’s table tennis team event, the feeling among ordinary Singaporeans is kind of…muted.

A prefect example is my mother’s reaction. She was quite exited when she heard Singapore won a medal. “The Singapore won a medal! They are from China? What about the coach? What about the manager?”

I call this: Desperately seeking some Singaporean-ess in the Singapore national team. My view on this; Singapore bought the medal, but so what! Singapore is hardly alone in this. You can see Kenyan-born runners competing for Bahrain; half the field in woman’s table-tennis was born in China; I read that one of the beach volleyball players playing for Georgia only visited the country twice in her life.

Compare to some countries, Singapore is possibly enlightened in buying our medal. At least our players lived in the nation and as the great American saying goes, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing!”

Enjoy the medal while its here, it’s our first Olympic medal in 48 years. Who knows, it could be 48 years before we get another one.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind if it's another 48 years of wait before we get another medal. Or even 480 years. As long as the winner(s) is a true blue Singaporean. So what if Singaporeans don't win any medal? What is more important is the effort, determination, bravery etc. Winning a medal is always only secondary. No, I'm not someone who is desperate in seeking Singapore-ness in everything. On the contrary, I couldn't care less. But if you compare a Singaporean team that comprises of foreign talents and a less herald one that sent in their 'true' countrymen who fought hard and won nothing, I would honour the latter anytime.

Ghost said...

Whether they win or lose, I would honour every single person who took part in the Games. What I dislike is all these bitching by 'true blue' Singaporeans on the fact that the table-tennis team are not Singaporeans. I mean I don't hear anyone willing to take their place and spend hours and years training for the sport. Even today, you can hear parents telling their children 'studies first, sports later'. If 'true blue' Singaporean don't want us to import players from overseas; fine, but would you encourage your children to take up sports as a career? I think most would not.