Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comics this week

The Thanos Imperative #3- At its mid-point, issue #3 finally decided to give us some backstory on the Cancerverse and it’s leader, Mar-vell. Frankly, it was something we can do without. After the WOW of issue 2, this was a change of pace that seems out of place. Even Nova’s strike team didn’t do much for me. When did Beta Ray Bill showed up? I never seem him in the series yet and suddenly he’s on a team that’s supposed to strike deep into enemy’s territory? The one good thing is that the tiring Drax/Thaos rivalry is being taken care of. The sooner that’s out of the way, the better.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time #4- I like to say something along the line of, “The surprisingly good comic adaptation of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time is still going strong”, but I can’t. Because the series has been so good since #1 that I’m no longer surprised by it’s quality. I expect it and it always delivered. Chuck Dixon, Chase Conley & Dynamite has got a winner here.

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