Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pick South Africa

Football is without question Singapore’s favorite sport and our most famous footballing son is without question Fandi Ahmad. Fandi once played in Europe for both Ajax Amsterdam and FC Groningen and is now a football coach in Indonesia.

However the biggest news about Fandi these days is his 3 sons. Report is that his two oldest, Irfan and Ikhsan, had been offered a trial by Arsenal. It is great news overshadowed by the bigger news that even if they make it as professional footballers in the future, there is no guarantee that they will be playing for Singapore.

Their mother, Wendy Jacobs, is from South Africa so technically the boys can play for South Africa when they grow up. Fandi himself hinted at this as he refused to be drawn in on whether his boys will be playing for Singapore in the future and says that “it is a sensitive issue”.

I agree with Fandi. Both in “it is a sensitive issue” and the fact the boys should NOT play for Singapore. These are the facts; South Africa just held the World Cup Finals, South Africa had qualified for the World Cup Finals before, Singapore can’t even qualify for the final Asian Qualifying Group for the World Cup.

Seriously, between the Singapore national team and the South Africa national team, there is no choice. Even for a Singaporean like me, this should NOT be a question. If the boys managed to get into Arsenal, then they should be of a certain quality and the choice should be obvious. Between Singapore and South Africa; boys, PICK SOUTH AFRICA!


Anonymous said...

Looking at the way Fandi has been treated by his past football masters, South Africa is the way to go. We have not recognised Fandi in any way, form or manner and now we want to claim his sons! He has to make a living in Indonesia (and soon in Holland) while we totally ignore his capability. His former team in Holland respects him more that Singapore has ever done and he was there only for a short while! So, please lah, don't say things like since his father and uncle played for Singapore too, so should his children. We do NOT deserve Fandi. Go, Fandi, go where you heart tells you.

Ghost said...

I disagree with this sort of thinking. Whether the kids play for Singapore or South Africa, it should be decided by what's best for them. How Fandi was treated by the FAS (who at one time don't even know how many caps Fandi has for Singapore) should have nothing to do with it.