Sunday, August 22, 2010

Comics this week

Brightest Day #8- With the rotating case of Brightest Day, the stars in this issue of the ensemble was J'onn J'onnz and Hawkman. The Martian Manhunter finally got his head around the idea he’s not the last Martian and it wasn’t a bad story. Not great but it wasn’t bad and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing because the story seems to be struck in set-up mode. Hawkman’s story was totally different because writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi are, to be kind, remaking Hawkworld. How well you like the story will depend on how well you like the “new” relationship between Earth, Hawkworld and Thanagar.

Uncanny X-Men #527- One of the biggest problems the X-Men had in recent years is how big of a team they had become. This problem is illustrated perfectly in this issue. The story jumped from Emma Frost in Utopia, to Hope in Mexico, to Cyclops in Japan, and you are never sure what the story is about. Emma talked to Stark and Namor, Hope was saving a new mutant in Mexico, and Cyclops was having a beer in Japan with Wolverine. The link between these stories; nothing!

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