Friday, August 13, 2010

What Dreaded BMT?

Recently, I had to go back for reservist training. I do get why because the army hadn’t called me back in 6 years, but they say go, I go. The first thing I noticed when I got to my bunk; the mattress is thick.

I mean it was a good, spring mattress. Not only that, it was about 3 times thicker than the mattress I had when I had my BMT (Basic Military Training) about 15 years ago. So when I heard that there is an 18-episode “reality” series on YouTube that shows 15 BMT recruits as they go through their dreaded army Basic Military Training, I was like…What dreaded army Basic Military Training?

Good, spring mattress; handphones; good food…I can’t help but feel a little jealous. These boys have it good.

I remember when my family came to visit during my BMT, my sister thought it was Spartan while my father thought it was very good. He probably had it worse in his time.

I wonder what he will think of the BMT now?

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