Saturday, August 14, 2010


The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) officially starts today as the opening ceremony that will kick off the YOG will be held today. As youths throughout the world descend on Singapore for the YOG, most Singaporeans still have the old questions on the YOG.

First and foremost; Where is it held?

Really most Singaporeans don’t care about the YOG but even if we are; we have no idea where the events are being held at! I know football is being held at Jalan Besar stadium, but that’s only because I seen the sports news and they mentioned it.

Outside football…where are the other events being held at? Swimming? Fencing? Where are all these being held at? The only ways I could find the competition venues is by going to the YOG website, or by reading the newspaper to see the sporting events of the day; outside that…nothing!

Since it haven’t started yet, there is still time for the YOG organizers to make things right. More and better access to such information like where the events are being held are needed to make the YOG a success not only for the Singapore government but for the Singapore people as well.

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