Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Tuition

In Singapore, there is a television program caller BlogTV. A sort of entertainment/current affairs program, its next show will be on students and the amount of private tuition they have.

In a survey they conducted, BlogTV report that 97 out of a 100 students have private tuition of some sort. First reaction I had on hearing 97% of students have tuition, “That can’t be right! That’s way too high!”

Then after awhile, my reaction became, “Who are the 3 students who do have any tuition at all?” Anyone who knows Singaporean parents knows that they are above and beyond kaisu, so I am amazed that there are exactly some Singaporean parents who don’t force their kids to go for tuition.

As a born-and-bred Singaporean, that just sounds impossible to me. A kid without tuition? That’s almost parental neglect here in Singapore.


Natalie said...

I had to look up "kiasu"...hey, all right! Learning something every day. Thanks dude!

Wang said...

My kids have absolutely no tuition for any school subjects.

Ghost said...

To Natalie:
In Singlish (Singapore's version of English), kiasu means "afraid is lose". Hope that clear things up.
To Wang:
Admirable but man, you are a special case.