Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She Should Have Lied

So Mexico's Jimena Navarrete has been crowned 'Miss Universe 2010,' and will now go around the world as the beautiful woman in the world. However she won the title on account of a ‘mistake’ by Miss Philippines, Venus Raj.

When asked by judge Billy Baldwin, “What is one big mistake that you have made in your life and what did you do to make it right?” Miss Raj replied that she do not believe she had made any truly major mistake in her 22 years of life.

Now beauty queens giving poor, lousy answers aren’t a new phenomenon, Singapore has our own infamous beauty queen for that, but what is so wrong with that answer? The question was for a “big mistake” and as the girl was just 22, it’s hardly impossible that she never made a big, major mistake before in her life (before this answer of course).

Yes I know the correct thing she should do was to lie, claim some big mistake which she never did and score points for the lie, but she told the true. What’s wrong with that? How many big, major mistakes had you made when you were 22? It was like that year during the Miss USA pageant when a contestant was asked if same sex-marriage should be legalized in America. She gave an answer in line with her belief that same sex-marriage should not be legalized. There was nothing wrong with that answer except that it was politically incorrect and she lost any chance of winning the crown.

So I have a suggestion for all beauty pageants organizers; get rid of the question-and-answer section of the competition. I mean given the evidence, we are just not interested in the views of beauty queens. They can be telling us the truth; they can be telling us their beliefs; they can be telling us their views; and they can be punished for it.

Viewers and judges only want clean, simple, politically correct answers. We are not interested in the contestants’ views! Since that is the case, get rid of the question-and-answer.

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