Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Insufficient Evidence

When people talk about Russia, the image conjured up is a cold, harsh, wintry land. A very cold, very wintry land that is almost unmatched in the rest of the world. Hitler, Napoleon, Frederick the Great; all were defeated due to the Russian winter.

So when you hear that the wildfires currently engulfing Central Russia are due to record temperatures, you would think most scientists would link it to global warming. When temperatures in Moscow hit a record high of 38.2 degrees Celsius in July, it turned out to be a very short-lived record. That record was immediately broken in August.

It was the hottest two months (and it was back-to-back) in 130 years for Moscow.

Seem simple enough to link it to global warming right? Not true. Experts are cautious because they claim 1 extremely dry summer isn't sufficient evidence to prove global warming in isolation.

Don’t these “experts” read the news? Flood waters have hit countries from Pakistan to China. The floods are so bad that millions of people throughout the world had been affected by it; even reclusive North Korea had to admit floods had hit their country. Considering all the extreme weather in 2010 throughout the world, what else do they need?

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