Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Afghan War getting Hotter

In May, Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal became the new US and NATO man in charge of the war in Afghanistan. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates placed Lt. Gen McChrystal in charge as a way to bring in "fresh thinking" in the war against the Taliban.

The “fresh thinking” involves going south into the Taliban heartlands with thousands of troops to secure the area for the upcoming Afghan elections. However as US troops go south, they might find the Taliban waiting. 7 American troops were killed on Monday, that’s on top of a British Lt. Col who was killed a few weeks ago. The Taliban also claim that they have captured an American soldier last week.

With the Americans coming into southern Afghanistan, the Taliban also seems to be going north with 4 of the Americans dead coming in northern Afghanistan. With the Americans going south, and the Taliban going north; the seven-year-old war in Afghanistan is getting hotter.

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