Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Truly Feel For You

Sore loser. That’s my thought when I read that the coach of swimming superstar Michael Phelps is threatening to pull out his star if there is no ban on the latest bodysuit.

The current swimming world championship is being held in Rome this world and over 10 world records has fallen in the meet due, not to better swimmers, but to better swimsuits that helped swimmers cut seconds off their time. The governing body for swimming FINA will ban the latest bodysuits, the Arena X-Glide, next year but Michael Phelps’ coach Bob Bowman says that these new swimsuits should have banned bodysuits before these world championships because the value of world records was diminishing.

Now I’m not saying Bob Bowman is wrong but I find it rich that he (and Michael Phelps) is complaining about people using bodysuits to cut off world records. If I recall correctly, didn’t Phelps won all 8 of his gold medals in the Olympics with the Speedo bodysuit that was the latest technological swimsuit then? I didn’t hear him complaining about “lost all the history of the sport” back then.

If swimming is warfare and swimsuit are weapons, then the American team would be the U.S military. They held a technological advantage over the rest of the world in weapons, training and funding for a number of years already. Now they are complaining they lost because the other side has a technological advantage over them?

Tough luck! What goes around comes around.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why in the first Olympics, the participants are all naked - to prevent them from cheating with the help of body accessories.

If it's fairness they want, then the Olympic committee should consider reverting back to the old Olympian dress code - nothing.

Ghost said...

Just simple swimming trunks will do. Let see if Phelps can win 8 gold without the advantage of a superior swimsuit

Gar said...

Now Naked Olympics I'd watch! Let's remove all possible technological benefits!

Of course, then you'd have to implement some rules concerning plastic surgery. People would be having dangling things shrunk to reduce drag.

Ghost said...

Viewership will be up, but then so will protests against the Olympics