Monday, July 13, 2009

Bloggers Beware

Governments have been trying to control the flow of information since ancient times so it’s no surprise that governments around the world are trying means and ways to rein in bloggers.

However the little-known country of Azerbaijan is trying something new. Two bloggers in Azerbaijan have been detained for two months pending their trial on charges of hooliganism, after they (the 2 bloggers) were beaten up! Media rights group Reporters Without Borders said that the 2 bloggers were in a Baku cafe when two men in and attacked one of them. When the other blogger came to the other’s defense, he was beaten up as well.

For this incident, both bloggers are being charged with hooliganism. Reporters Without Borders also reported that the pair were not allowed to see a lawyer and the police allowed their assailants to leave before arresting the pair.

For bloggers the world over; Beware!

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