Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Age of Conan: The Second Coming

Age of Conan (AoC) came out like a ball of fire when it was first released, but as time went on, players left as the bugs in the game ultimately defeated the gameplay. When Warhammer and Wrath of the Lich King came out, it was like the final nails in the coffin.

To give Funcom credit, they did not give up and have been going non-stop to fix the game. Over a year after the game first came out, the developers have finally managed to fix the bugs and offered old players a 2 week free trial. Like I had said before; free is always a good price.

Entering the game again means installing the game again for me, and updating the game. My god, there was a lot of updates. I am talking about hours and hours of it. Once done, I enter the game and I am glad to say most (if not all) the bugs are gone. The game is as beautiful as ever and the world of Hyboria was captured well by Funcom. The harsh, violent, chaotic but beautiful world is still there.

There are new areas for the higher levels, the Commons and a new dungeon in Thunder River. There are improvements in the games and if you like the game before, you will love it now. Hyboria is different from the other worlds out there in other MMOs and AoC is the game for you if you are looking for something different.

However, would I play the game again? That’s a different question. The biggest gripe for me in the game is that there seems to be some upgrades in AoC and my system is suffering for it. AoC has always required a good system to play however I never had a problem playing the game before…I do now. The game crashed on me 2-3 times, over a 2 week trial! When I played the game last year, I probably suffered 2-3 crashes in 3 months. The game seems to require a better system to play on than what I am having. Will I upgrade my system just to play a MMO? Sorry but probably not.

However if you have the system for it, AoC may be the game for you. There is a free 2 week trial for all. The download will be a bitch but try it. Like I said earlier; free is always a good price


Gar said...

They sent me a free trial email with some free "in game gifts" if I renewed my account.

I decided to give it a go. I was glad to see they got the DirectX 10 stuff integrated a little better.

I only got to play for a couple of days, but I had no crashes.

I'm not sure I will stick with it more than a month.

Ghost said...

Most likely you have a better system tham me Gar. I've been through Ymir's Pass before so the only area new for me is the Commons. Is the area worth renewing my account? Maybe, I always wanted to go against Conan in the game.
The gifts are pretty good especially that free lvl 50 character and free bag of holding however personally I always thought the DX10 was not needed by AoC.
It's already the best-looking MMO in the market without it.

Gar said...

I agree. DX10 was definitely not needed. They would have been better off not mentioning it in the beginning. But if they have it and your system supports it you might as well use it. It adds a few nice things besides just the lighting.

I think you've seen more of the game than I have. I piddled out at about level 60.

Ghost said...

Then it might be worth it for you to renew your account. The end game areas in AoC are pretty good. Thunder River, Khosp, Azt.Pass all have pretty good, and challenging, dungeons. The Commons is another end game area.