Friday, July 24, 2009

Comics this week

Immortal Weapons #1- In Japanese, Chinese, Korean comics, almost every action comics has fist to fist combat. Karate, kung-fu, judo, MMA, you name it we have it. The Immortal Iron Fist is the west’s attempt to imitate this success. For the most part, it was successful. One of the best things out of Iron Fist is that we now know there are more martial art fighters than Danny Rand. Immortal Weapons showcase the other martial artists in the Iron Fist series. First up is Fat Cobra, a man-mountain who has drunk and fucked himself all over the world (and beyond) for over a hundred years. In this time, he had forgotten a lot of things and he hired an investigator to discover his past. Some things are better left forgotten. Fat Cobra’s past is tragic but almost funny. I like the fact that writer Jason Aaron didn’t take thing too seriously (Tongue of Thousand Passions anyone?) but yet at the same time, he did make you feel for the character. Fat Cobra is an interesting character and if the other Immortal Weapons are as interesting as him, Immortal Weapons deserve to be an ongoing book.

Nova #27- Having a lead on his missing brother, Richard Rider led his small team on a smash and grab mission; and hit the brick wall known as Blastaar who is in control of a cosmic rod. Love the fact that as Nova Prime, Rider tried to talk his way out of trouble instead of charging straight in, however the War of Kings tie-ins has mostly been disappointing for me and this issue is no exception. We see a lot more of Rider and his Nova Corps in this issue, but something is just not right. The main thing is that Rider is constantly reacting to big battles that he can do little about. The Corps are suppose to be powerful, Rider is suppose to be powerful, but the War of Kings tie-ins keep making him look like an ant in a cyclone. Thankfully the War of Kings is ending soon, so (hopefully) we can get back to regular service.

Guardians of the Galaxy #16- Again the team is split. This is happening a lot more often than I like but we finally see what Starhawk is about. Nice to see the original Guardians like Charlie-27, Martinex, and Yondu but the story is mostly filler. However it’s a good touch to see that Black Bolt may be a bigger danger to the galaxy than Vulcan. Could it be that all the heroes are on the wrong side of the War of Kings?

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