Saturday, July 4, 2009

Comics this week

War of Kings #5- The feared set-up issue is here. There is some small subplots being advanced like Ronan and Crystal strong objections to the T-Bomb, and Gladiator’s rage at the death of Lilandra, but for all the talk in the issue about the feared T-Bomb and how Black Bolt will sacrifice himself to bring the Shi'ar/Kree war to a close, this issue is mainly to set-up the big fight between Black Bolt and Vulcan next issue. Slightly disappointing but not wholly unexpected.

Irredeemable #4- You know in a disaster movie, only famous places get destroyed. It’s always the usual suspects, New York, Moscow, Paris, the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Egypt; now add Singapore to the list. Yes, Singapore has made it! We are now so famous that we are destroyed in an American comic. Singapore is mentioned by name and you even see the Merlion, but by the end of Plutonian’s rampage the whole island is at the bottom of the sea. For any self-respecting comic book fan in Singapore, that alone should be enough to get this issue. Buy it to see Singapore get DESTROYED!

Secret Six #11 – Even for super-villains, there are some things they dislike. Seem that working for slavers is one of them. While arguing among themselves about working for insane slavers, we get to see more character development like how Catman may be an anti-hero but he is also first and foremost a professional. Something that did not ring true to me is why a super-villain like Jeanette would risk her life to save Artemis. She did it because…she don’t like the fact the Amazon is being tortured? Okay…doesn’t sound right does it?

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