Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh Please!

English Premier League runner-up Liverpool FC is in Singapore as part of their Far East Tour and the headline from the New Paper yesterday was “Rafa, please play your first 11.”

However captain Steven Gerrard is still in England after having escaped a jail term and star striker Fernando Torres is only expected to play about 15mins, so the plead seem to have fallen on deaf ears. But please, what do you expect? English clubs like Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea are traveling the world for one reason and one reason only…and it’s not pre-season training.

To their credit, they are pretty open about this. They are here strictly for the money and their stars are more interested in shopping, sight-seeing, and attending promotional events than any exact training. So whether they play the first 11 or not does not matter to me because…well, they hardly interested are they?

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