Thursday, July 16, 2009

Isn't It Common Knowledge?

No more warnings! That’s the view of as train operator SMRT as it says that it will issue outright fines from now on for those caught eating and drinking in MRT.

It seems that the current practice is to warn the offenders, usually through the station’s PA system, and then fine the offenders if they continue eating. I must say I’m surprised. I always thought anyone found eating and drinking on MRT trains and stations would be fined immediately. Why does SMRT give a warning? I mean there are signs all over the stations stating “no eating or drinking allowed”, isn’t that enough warning?

Even if you are blind or can’t read, it’s common knowledge that you can’t eat or drink in MRT trains and stations. I had always known it. There are Singaporeans who don’t? So for those people complaining about this new ruling from SMRT, I have a suggestion. Walk to work!


Anonymous said...

According to the news report, most offenders are teens. Either their upbringing did not teach them to show considerations to fellow passengers, or they are simply challenging the "fine" syndrome which the government molded into the minds of typical Singaporean.

It's like the show The Matrix - snap out of the shackles imposed by fear of punishment, and be free to do what you want. Of course, there's a penalty to pay for such behaviours, and guess who's the one whose paying the fines?

Ghost said...

Challenging the system is normal for teens, I did when I was a tennager myself. But if I got caught, I admit and fess up. I mean just because I was young doesn't mean I was stupid.
You want to eat on the train; no problem but pay up if you get caught. That ought to be expected.

Wally Buffet said...

This "No Drinking, Eating" sign has been plastered onto all coaches of the MRT trains when it first ran. School boys ate fast food and some were even spotted having nasi lemak! Now, they are launching a blitzkrieg against eating and drinking in a brainless robotic fashion. This is the whole trouble with enforcement of rules and regulations here. Either they will ignore what is going on blatantly or suddenly take action that is so mindless that it almost borders on the ludicrous. Fining someone with a sweet in her mouth which doesn't bother anyone except the robot going about his duties is almost as "logical" or as "sensible" as our ERP.

Ghost said...

As you said Wally, people are ignoring the rules for a long time. Warning given over the PA system were ignored, so now this new ruling. Singaporeans can't say we don't have warning about this.