Friday, August 21, 2015

A Good Example

Like the rest of the world, private taxis are plying the streets of Singapore. In Singapore, the two biggest companies for taxi apps are Uber and GrabCar. Many private car owners used the apps to try to make quick money on the side; including football players! 

That's what making the rounds in Singapore when a student called for a GrabCar, and discovered that the taxi/car was driven by Noh Alam Shah, a former national player who is still currently playing in the local S-League. The student recognized Alam Shah and they took a selfie together. 

The photo has become a bit of a local joke but I don't see anything wrong with a football star trying to make some money on the side. Alam Shah is on the wrong side of 30 and is in the twilight of his career. So he decide to use his private car and use a taxi app to make some money. Nothing wrong with that.

It's not illegal. It's not wrong. And I honestly believe he should be commanded for his actions. The man is thinking of his future, even while he is still playing the game. That's great! He is an example for other sportsmen in the country. 

There's a life after your sporting career and sportsmen should prepare for it. They should follow the example of Noh Alam Shah!

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