Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Comics this week

Astro City #26- 20 years! It has been that's long since the first issue of Astro City came out in August 1995. I'm proud to say I was there and did pick up the very first issue of Astro City. Yes, I am old. When I picked up #1 all those years ago, I never thought writer Kurt Busiek would have struck to this off-beat series for so long. He has and not only that, so has Brent Anderson. Thanks you guys and here's hoping for another 20 years of this great series! 

Justice League #43- Superman and Lex on Apokolips, the JL meeting up with Mister Miracle, and Batman on the Mobius Chair; the greatest scene is this issue is without question the destined titanic meeting between Darkseid and Anti-Moniter. It was so powerful it overshadowed everything in this great issue. There was almost no bad points in this issue. Only one I can see in fact; I need to wait weeks before seeing the battle between these 2 evil gods. Part 4 of the “The Darkseid War” can't come fast enough. 

Rai #9- After a wait of 4 months, we have Rai again! Picking up weeks after the shocking total defeat of the revolution, Father is now in total control of New Japan and is moping up the remnants of the revolution. Spylocke is in custody,Lula, Izak and the rest are on the run, and everyone thinks Rai is dead. The end of the issue shows that he is not but is in deep deep trouble. Matt Kindt, Clayton Crain; welcome back!

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