Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why Not?

With everyone in an uproar over NSP's (National Solidarity Party) decision to contest in MacPherson SMC, I have to ask one simple question. Why can't the NSP contest in MacPherson? 

Come on people, this is an General Election (GE). It is an open election. Not only that, there's no alliance between the NSP and the Workers’ Party (WP), so why can't both of them contest in MacPherson? Yes, they are both opposition political parties against the 200 pound gorilla that is the People’s Action Party (PAP). Yes, they will spilt the opposition votes. And yes, there was a general agreement not to have any three-cornered fights among opposition parties.

So what?

This is a GE and both the NSP and the WP can contest any seats they want. If they both want to go up against PAP candidate Tin Pei Ling in MacPherson, then they can (and should) do so. Let the result show who made the right decision.


Anonymous said...

Yes, anyone can stand but be sure you do not lose your deposit!

Ghost said...

If Steve Chia don't mind wasting his money, why should we? It's his choice to stand against both PAP and WP. I wouldn't do it, to me it's stupid, but if he want to do so, then he can. It's his right.