Thursday, August 27, 2015

Veteran In Punggol East

In a show of how much they want to dent the momentum of the opposition Worker's Party (WP), the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) has signaled that 6 term Member of Parliament (MP) Charles Chong will move from him current Joo Chiat seat to contest in the Punggol East SMC.

After former PAP MP and Speaker of Parliament Michael Palmer resignation, the Punggol East seat was taken by the WP with Lee Li Lian now representing the ward in Parliament. The PAP announcement show how serious the PAP is in taking back the seat, parachuting in a veteran to take on a first-term opposition MP. Will it work?

In all likelihood; yes.

Big names means a lot in Singapore politics and it would be an uphill task for Ms. Lee to hold on to the seat against Mr. Chong. On the flip-side; if Ms. Lee wins, then she will make quite a name for herself. Guess we see on 9/11.

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