Monday, August 24, 2015

The Trolls Won

With these 3 words, National Solidarity Party (NSP) member Steve Chia announced that he will not be standing in the upcoming elections as a candidate in the MacPherson SMC. Not only that, Mr. Chia also announced that he will not be standing in the upcoming elections at all.

In many ways, this decision is kind of expected. Between the NSP and the Worker's Party, there was only going to be one winner and many pundits have publicly called on the NSP to aviod a three-corner fight by withdrawing from MacPherson. Not only that, NSP Secretary General Hazel Poa resigned from the NSP as a result of the NSP deciding to contest in the MacPherson ward.

With all the negative publicity, it is to be expected that Mr. Steve Chia now decide to withdraw from MacPherson. Having said that, I am very uncomfortable with all the negative publicity on this issue. As I had said before, the NSP has every right to contest in MacPherson. Yes, they would lose but if the NSP and Mr. Chia are willing to take that chance, why should anyone say anything?

This is an elections and the decision should be taken by the people within MacPherson. All the brickbats that is forcing Mr. Chia to withdraw from the contest is not democratic. And that's what elections are ultimately about.

The trolls got what they want, and it is probably better for the opposition cause now that the NSP has withdrawn, but that does not change one simple fact. The people within MacPherson now do not have any chance to decide if Mr. Chia is a viable candidate for them, and that's not right. They should be the people who decide, not the trolls.   


Anonymous said...

He may stand for the election but can he win?

Ghost said...

Doesn't matter. If that's the basis of standing for election , then 90% of the opposition should not stand against the PAP right?