Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Comics this week

Ant-Man Last Days #1- With the success of the Ant-Man movie, it's no surprise that Marvel is now trying to push the C-list hero to A-list status. Now why Marvel actually put out a prologue issue before the start of the actual series is up to debate, however I have to say writer Nick Spencer and artist Ramon Rosanas has put together an entertaining issue that got me excited about the character. That's not easy when it comes to Scott Lang but the issue gives us good insight to Lang and at the same time set things up nicely for the series to come. Mission successful!

Magneto #21- This is it; the end of Magento! Unfortunately, writer's Cullen Bunn's series ends with a whimper and not a roar as Magento "discovered" how wrong his methods has been just before he died. I could do without that. Thus far, Bunn's Magneto has been a complicated yet uncompromising character who understood the bad things he did but he would do it again if it meant his people, mutants, got a better future. That Magneto is far more interesting than the Magneto of this issue who "discovered" his wrongness. Still, this has been a great series and I hope the upcoming Illuminati series build on this series.

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