Thursday, August 6, 2015

Comics this week

Deadly Class #15- You know, I really wish writer Rick Remender would cool it with all the acid trips. Yes, I know Marcus is an addict but do we need a drug-induced acid trip once every few issues? This issue was a dark trip into Marcus' mind while being threaten by a bully (Victor), and his own self-belief that Maria did not leave the school (and him) willingly. Then we got hit by the acid trip...again. Come on Rick, enough of that already. Just focus on the marvelous story you have here. There's no need for all the stunts.

Ms. Marvel #17- With this series ending due to Secret Wars, we finally get the long awaited meeting between Kamala Khan and the former Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers. Unfortunately, the meeting had to happen now when the series is ending. Personally, I would prefer the meeting to happen earlier but better late than never. Hopefully writer G. Willow Wilson would continue with the series when it relaunch (yes, Marvel does it again). She is the perfect writer for Kamala Khan and I would like to read more of her stories on the fun bubbly character.

We Stand On Guard #2- The debut was promising and here in the follow-up, writer Brian K. Vaughan leaves everyone in no doubt that he is willing to push the envelope in this series. There's a lot of world building here but Vaughan did not fall into the usual trap of overdoing it. He provide us with just enough; a world that's bleak but at the same time pretty realistic (if you accept the giant robots). A little more character development for the characters in the Two-Four and this series will be golden.

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