Friday, August 28, 2015

Par For Course

The General Elections (GE) hasn't even officially started and already we have a case of the opposition accusing the Singapore government and it's mainstream press playing dirty politics. The case in question is the poison letter sent to the press alleging that opposition Workers’ Party candidate Dr Daniel Goh had an affair with one of his former students. 

The letter was sent by a "Max Chan" and the mainstream press ran with it, with Dr Goh’s refutation of the allegations included of course. Well, that did not take long. Now there are people in Singapore who say the press made a shocking "error" in running the story without any evidence of the affair or that this "Max Chan" is even real, but I disagree. 

I don't think the press made any error at all. They had a letter making the opposition look bad, so what do you think they are doing to do with it? Check to see if it's true? 

Come on people, this is Singapore. The political editors at the Straits Times knows who they are working for and so do every Singaporean. Can't blame them really; they are just doing their real jobs. Anyone who disagree with me can ask himself a simple question; how much of Michael Palmer's affair did you really read in the Strait Times? I can assure you what you read in the papers is nothing compare to what's on the internet (most of which turns out to be true). 

So for those of you who say you are disappointed at the way the mainstream media ran this story; I am sorry. I can only say you are naive. This is Singapore. For the opposition, this is par for the course.  

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