Friday, August 14, 2015

Funcom In Trouble

Another one bite the dust.

That's my immediate feeling when I read that Funcom is "actively seeking interested parties for discussions surrounding a possible investment, acquisition, merger, or any other available options." In simple terms, Funcom (developers of Age of Conan, The Secret World and LEGO Minifigures Online) are in big trouble.

That comes as no surprise to gamers. After the initial surge of games, the MMORPG genre has stalled. The big boys (WoW, Eve, SWTOR) are stable, but the rest of the genre are in danger. The nail in the coffin of Funcom seems to be LEGO Minifigures Online.

Honestly, I'm not surprised at all. I never like the idea of  LEGO Minifigures Online. I mean there are just so many LEGO games out there, why would anyone want to play an online version of it? Funcom should have concentrated on Age of Conan and The Secret World. AoC and TSW may not have the biggest player base but the players playing were devoted to them.

I hope someone takes over Funcom and whoever it is keeps the servers for AoC and TSW up. They are great games and more importantly, they are unique. Funcom don't make Wow clones, and that's something we need.

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