Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Comics this week

Injection #4- Wow! The slow burn story by writer Warren Ellis is coming together beautifully and it is scary as hell. My goodness, if I read the hints dropped by Ellis correctly, we now know what is the Injection and how the five members of the CCCU were involved in it's creation. We also now knows why Maria Kilbride and Robin Morel are so damaged. What a story! Keep this up Warren! 

Master of Kung-Fu #4- Anyone who had watched any martial arts movie or TV series knows that in the end, the hero will have a final death match with the villain. That's what happen here in the finale as Shang Chi and Zheng Zu fight it out in the Thirteen Chambers for the right to be the next Emperor of Kun Lun. Writer Haden Blackman and artist Dalibor Talajic has put together a fine series and I hope we would see more of the land of Kun Lun in the future. 

Secret Wars #5- Background story time as writer Jonathan Hickman gave us the "how" of what really happened when the multiverse was destroyed. I'm less sure about the tag-team of Doom and Molecule Man replacing the tag-team of Doom and Strange but I'm willing to see where Hickman is going with it. I do however have to wonder about the Black Swan that survived along with Thanos. Shouldn't she be with the Molecule Man as well? Well between the story and the art of Esad Ribic, this is still the most interesting crossover Marvel had put together for sometime. I'll be here till the finish.

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