Sunday, November 4, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown #26- A title change this week. The newly named Countdown to Final Crisis #26 is a sad, sad effort to remind people to buy the new upcoming, supposedly last Final Crisis. The DC event new year. I rather wish DC would concentrate less on marketing and more on getting this series to live up to the level set by 52. To be fair, this is a good issue. A Monitor basically gave a show and tell to clue readers in on how there's a plan for everything. Mary Marvel's temper tantrums, Jimmy Olsen fight on Apokolips, the Jason Todd/Donna Troy/Kyle Rayner search for Ray Palmer, even Karate Kid's quest for a cure. The only one missing is Holly Robinson; I knew that story was useless! A improved book is good, marketing...not so good.

Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood #1- Of all the stories in 52, the Crime Bible story was, in my view, the weak link. I love the fact Renee Montoya is the new the Question (yes, I'm one of the few), but the the Crime Bible segments of 52 were just too drawn-out. This series however start with a bang. A series showing how the students of the Bible are spreading their religion. What's there not to like? Keep this up and DC will have a winner.

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