Sunday, November 25, 2007

A re-open hospital

Jurong Hospital opened its' doors again after a year of renovations, only it isn't Jurong Hospital anymore. It has re-opened its' doors as West Point Hospital.

In Singapore once a property go under new owners, a name change is very common. The one most people remember was when DBS tried to change POSB's name after taking over the bank. Only after a public outcry did they wisely decided not to change the name. Which bring me to my rant; why do we Singaporeans love name change so much? I mean it's not like the hospital changed its' location. Hell, the 60-bed private hospital is still going to serve the households in Jurong. So why change name? It just confused people. At least with Jurong Hospital, you know it's somewhere in Jurong. West Coast Hospital? That could be anywhere in the west of Singapore!

Let's stop these senseless name change.

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