Thursday, November 29, 2007

Maplestory Trading Card Game

After the anime, the onslaught of Maplestory continue as they now have a Trading Card Game. Released by card game kings Wizards of the Coast, Inc; in partnership with Nexon America Inc. (never heard of them), the MapleStory Trading Card Game was to be released in the US and Canada this November.

The TCG is supposed to comprise of real-world cards with codes redeemable for exclusive in-game content in the MapleStory world, similar to what was done in the Neopets trading card game Wotc released in 2003. The codes will unlock exclusive online rewards and game experiences such as sought-after artifacts, rare virtual pets, all-new quests etc.

Why did they released the game in America but not Asia is something I don't understand. 70% of the players in the game are from Asia isn't it? No word yet if the TCG will come to Singapore.

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