Thursday, November 22, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis #23- What the hell happen? Last week Superman Prime destroyed a whole planet, okay fine. This week shows more of him, I'm okay with that. It was even interesting. But what the hell happen at the end? Didn't Lord Havok say NO to Monarch? Didn't they had a big fight on the matter? Since when did Havok becomes Monarch's second in command? Plots jumped for no reason again on Countdown. What the hell happened?

Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer - Gotham by Gaslight- Another beloved Elseworld Batman get his own world. As one of the 52 Earths, this is one choice I agreed with. Hey it's a Batman in Victorian times; what's there not to like? The story is so-so at best; though I liked the fact we get to see the Victorian Blue Beetle. Eagerly awaiting the appearance of Victorian Hawkman, Aquaman, JLA etc. Just no more Superman; we got enough of those.

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