Saturday, November 3, 2007

A few cents worth

There's a big wave in Singapore these few days on those 3 British morons who cheated an old trishaw rider of his hard earned money after taking a trip on his trishaw; and then put the whole incident on Youtube.

My view on this; Why are you surprise by this? Service staffs all over the island had always complained about rude, unreasonable tourists (mostly Westerns). These 3 idiots from the U.K are hardly the first, or last, of their kind. Hell, in the Singapore "West is good" thinking, Singaporeans are beginning to ape those Western morons. Remember the papers a few months ago when they reported a woman (a Singaporean) who refused to pay her taxi fare unless the taxi drop her off at the other side of the road. Which is all of 5 metres away! How is the woman any different from these British cheats?

Before we Singaporeans start showing our rightness fury, let us take a good look in the mirror first.

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