Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Iraq Inspectors Close Shop

After all the pretense, the UN is finally shutting the door. The United Nations Security Council has finally closed the door on the UN weapons inspectors in Iraq, admitting that there really wasn't any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

If you can remember, the weapons were the main reason/excuse the U.S used to invade Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein. No weapons were found after years of fruitless searching and the UN, especially the U.S, has finally admitted defeat.

I know, I'm surprised they're still working too. It's been 4 years since the U.S invaded and all the talk of yellowcake and nuclear devise had long been dismissed by everyone. And the Iraq inspection teams were still working? Don't the UN had better things to do with the money than to waste it on a fruitless search that no one believe in? How about more money on refugees or something?

I never quite understand all the talk of UN reform before but if this is what the UN is wasting money on, I've changed my mind. Reform is a must for them.

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