Thursday, November 15, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis #24- Earth 15 sure didn't last long. After all the work that went into bringing back the multiverse, DC went and destroy one of the Earth. You know, the one with General Zod as Superman we saw a few months ago. A black-costumed Superman Prime showed up and the whole planet was destroy. Yes, destroyed just like that! Why bring back the multiverse if you are going to destroy them in less than a year? A good point was the little duel between Black Mary and Darkseid. Outside that, why did they destroy Earth 15?

Black Adam: The Dark Age #4- After a remarkable run during 52, Black Adam had his own comics. The Dark Age has been ultraviolent up to this point, but writer Peter Tomasi tone it down this issue. And it still work! Everything in the book is still dark but there's no in-your-face tearing up of bodies. Maybe this is a good thing as it prove there's no need for massive body count for a issue of Black Adam to work. Still a must buy.

Avengers: The Initiative #7- After the last miserable issue, I am glad to say Initiative is back on track. As usual the book keep jumping from characters and plotlines to characters and plotlines. But hey, it worked! Most of the issue is on the new Scarlet Spiders and a cameo by the real Spider-Man (yes I know, twice in seven issues). However there's a surprise at the end that made it worthwhile. Who knows, maybe the Scarlet Spiders may even get off my least favorite characters list. There's also a brewing storyline on Justice and his quest for info on the dead MVP. Now that's a interesting storyline.

Nova #8- Okay, Nova will not be in the Annihilation: Conquest storyline. After escaping from the clutches of the Phalanx, Richard Rider is now at the edge of the universe. I'm glad Worldmind is back; the backtalk between the almost clueless Richard and the too-much info Worldmind is the best thing about the book. Another plus; the telepathic Russian dog. I'm not sure how, but writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning successfully put the dog into the story. To take such a corny character and be successful with it. Brilliant! An entertaining storyline, a telepathic Russian dog and the severed head of a Celestial; crazy but highly entertaining.

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