Friday, November 30, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis #22- After two weeks of seeing Superman Prime swooping in and destroying worlds and characters left, right & centre, the writers suddenly dropped him off the radar and go back to the plotlines that had largely been driving the book. Why? No one knows, but we get to see Jimmy Olsen's captivity on Apokolips, unfortunately he is still NOT dead. His story is easily the worst of the bunch (Holly Robinson don't count because we haven't seen that story in over a month), but at least the story seems to be moving. If this means the guy is moving closer to his 'death date', I'm all for it. The rest of the plots, Mary Marvel & the Rogues, feel a little tack on, but I am very interest to see what will happen next week after the last page in this issue. That I guess count for something.

Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood #2- What do nuns do in a cult that worship crime? You get to see that here as the Question, Renee Montoya, goes undercover to explore the criminal empire that's growing around Intergang's Crime Bible. The buildup is slow, introducing us to everyone in the cell, from the low level minions (prostitutes) to the higher ups, and showcasing that even heroes has weakness. As expected, the writers just can't stop showing off Renee's sexual orientation (in case anyone don't know, she's gay) by having her shack up with a deranged prostitute. But it's the way it is done. Everything is in the details as Renee slowly, hesitantly, against her better judgement, gives in to her natural urges during her stakeout. It's expertly written and makes me love Renee as the Question even more. Take that, all you Vic Sage fans!

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