Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AoC & Steam

Recently, I got advertisement/mail from Funcom on the anniversary of Age of Conan (AoC). With a bagful of goodies, the mail was to get former players back into AoC. Frankly, it worked because the goodies on offer were very good.

However I faced a problem in that I just got a new PC earlier this year and AoC is not installed. I still have the original disc but here in Singapore, the full update of the game could take days (AoC has a lot of patches) and frankly I wasn’t interested in waiting that long.

Now since last year, I had known that AoC is among Steam's free-to-play offerings. Since the update on Steam is usually quicker, I was willing to try it out. So I went into Steam’s free-to-play section and…there’s no AoC!

Am I missing something? The forums clearly state AoC is on Steam but on Steam, the game isn’t there. I even tried searching for it via Steam's search function and still can’t find it. So…is AoC on Steam? 

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