Friday, June 14, 2013

For Real?

Crime is actually a funny thing. What is considered legal in one country might not be considered so in another. What is considered taboo in one country might be totally allowed in another.

Case in point: Sweden

It would seem that next year, Sweden will introduce a total ban on bestiality. Bestiality means a sexual act between a human and an animal and it would seem in Sweden, right nor it is legal unless cruelty to the animal could be proven!

Seriously? Bestiality is only an offence if it can be proven that it is cruel to the animal? For real? Man, that’s hilarious. I would thought that the every act of bestiality would be enough proof of cruelty to the poor animal but evidently, it's not enough for the Swedes! I wonder if any people in Sweden ever got off on that technicality. 

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